Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Perfect pastry pies

Using week-old gluten-free pastry from the fridge:

mini butternut squash pie

A while ago I posted about making mince pies.  I had meant to make a large batch and freeze half of the composed but not baked pies, so I could pull a few out whenever I wanted.  Two large patties of pastry sat in the fridge for a week...

Today I wondered if it was still good to use.  I have frozen pastry and used it before but never just kept made-up pastry in the fridge for more than a couple of days before. I took a little bit and baked it - it was still light and crisp and hadn't any strange flavour.

I had some chilli beef in the freezer, and a portion of the steak in gravy I use for steak pies, a good dollop of the butternut squash and chilli mix I used as a ravioli filling yesterday, and some apple sauce left over from breakfast, and blackberries in the freezer.  I didn't mix them all together, for any of you who have started feeling panicky.

By slicing the pastry I could roll it without having to wait for it to warm up.  I made one steak pie, mini chilli beef pies, butternut squash pies, apple and blackberry pies and a strawberry jam tart with the last bits of leftover pastry.  I hate to throw pastry away, and often use the last trimmings for a single mis-shapen jam tart - I love the way the jam goes chewy.  The jam is some made by with the grandchildren - a trip to the fruit farm is one of our standard summer holiday activities.

The pastry is a mixture of urid lentil flour, tapioca and polenta.  The full recipe was posted a few days ago: http://blissglutenfree.blogspot.com/2010/12/finally-gluten-free-mincepies.html

mini chilli-beef pie
Some of the pies were eaten for lunch, the rest are in the freezer for easy meals some other day.

 I couldn't resist adding this picture - the sunlight shining through the pastry is so warm and inviting.  The weather here has been freezing for a couple of weeks and the last two days have been freezing fog.  This shaft of sunlight was the first I'd seen this week.


  1. Vicky from the Gluten free course7 December 2010 at 22:33

    Lois - I notice you say you made butternut ravioli. Can you explain your pasta method and recipe sometime please?

  2. Will do Vicky - just havent got the texture quite right yet - I am going to run some more tests with different flour proportions. At the moment I am just making it with my standard flour blend of 40% urid, 40% tapioca and 20% cornmeal with egg to bind. It holds together fine and can be rolled really thin (pasta machine on christmas list as used my other one for polymer clay when I gave up gluten) but the mouth texture is just a bit crisp.


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