Thursday, 11 November 2010

gluten-free amaretto coffee syrup FABBRI

I normally drink my coffee black and plain, but occasionally I like a little something sweet. I've given up ever ordering flavoured coffee syrups in cafes as it is so much trouble checking to see if they are gluten-free. Today we bought a syrup made by Fabbio. It has a good flavour and aroma, comes in a 300ml bottle, doesn't have to be kept in the fridge, and doesn't have to be used up fast once opened.

Best of all, and the real reason I am blogging this, is it says 'GLUTEN FREE' in a red box on the front of the label in big enough writing that I can read it without any glasses let alone having to wear two pairs of glasses at once. Encourage this good behaviour - go out and buy some for yourself or for a gf friend.

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  1. I would agree in this post that coffee syrups are good when you want additional flavor in your coffee.


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