Tuesday, 16 November 2010

safe gluten-free eating in Birmingham UK

I met my sister Joy (website for her art http://www.snakebird.net/index.htm) at the train station at Birmingham (UK) yesterday. She was bringing me a birthday presant, which included a little mosaic of the word Bliss. She was travelling on to Scotland later that day, so we needed somewhere convenient for our visit.

Not feeling in the mood for an art gallery, and neither of us liking shopping, we went to the Burlington Hotel near the station and sat in their lounge. We had coffee, and then stayed on to have lunch. Their restaurant isn't open until the evening, but there is a reasonable menu you can eat while sitting in comfortable armchairs in a warm calm environment. We were there about two hours, with no sense of any pressure from the staff to move on.

We both had a Greek salad, which was delicious, and even as the starter size was ample for lunch. I mentioned the need for no bread to be anywhere near my meal, including not touching my plate if they had touched bread. The waitress didn't express any of the usual puzzlement - but of course that could be either because she understood fully or she didn't understand at all! I enjoyed my meal but then waited a touch anxiously as the hours went by. I am pleased to announce I didn't have any adverse effects from my time in this hotel, and will use it again when I need to eat in Birmingham

I had tried to look up safe places to eat before I went but found very little. It is good to have found a comfortable calm and safe place to eat conveniently in the middle of town. Their lounge/cafe area is open from 10am.

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