Tuesday, 9 November 2010

gluten free wedding cupcake tower phase 5 - the flowers

A quick note on the decorations for the cupcakes.

I have seven boxes full of sugarpaste flowers I made last week, which I will be putting on top of the cupcakes when they are iced.

As a bit of an experiment I have rolled out fondant icing, after making it ivory coloured by adding yellow and pink gel food colouring, and cut out sheets of icing to match the ivory paper cases the cupcakes will be in. If it looks too naff I wont use them, but at least they will be dry and easy to handle for Friday morning. I’ll need to smooth the edges a bit once they are firm.

I thought the giant cupcake needed something frivolous on top. I could have made a single large flower, but decided to try wiring flowers so that there was a swirling, bouncing bunch – which will give me a chance to try a new technique and use the flower pick I bought. The flower pick allows wires to be inserted into the cake without touching the cake –otherwise it is considered unhygienic and unsafe and not fit to eat. The polystyrene cone and cafetiere are only to hold the flowers while I am making them!

Off to an introductory video production workshop today, so will be quiet on the cake front.

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