Thursday, 4 November 2010

University life...

No bliss this week. No time for experimental cooking as teaching at Birmingham University all week.
Even with scrupulous care - taking my own mug, only eating food where I can hold the wrapper while eating, washing my hands regularly, trying to avoid any touching of my mouth, cleaning the table and chair before I sit down, I am still having to chose my clothes by what has the most scope for expansion as my stomach blows up. After three days there I am starting the day looking about eight months pregnant, with lots of trips to the loo.
I notice that doctors complain about coeliac patients not bothering to keep to a gluten free diet. Other than locking my self in my own house I can't think what else to do to keep myself well. While the world is so unsafe is it any wonder people end up anxious and depressed when their health doesn't get better.

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