Wednesday, 17 November 2010

gluten-free BBC Good Food Chocolate Fruitcake: variations to be tested p151 Dec 2010 magazine

The original recipe calls for butter and self-raising flour. I have had a look at the recipe and decided to make six different versions for comparison.

Flour swaps

  1. Doves Farm gf flour as that is the easiest to get hold of in the UK. Elsewhere, just substitute for your usual gf flour mix.

  2. Urid and tapioca flour. I intend to use about two thirds urid flour for its holding capacities, and one third tapioca as it helps with gelling and also gives a smooth chewy texture.

  3. Chestnut puree. As chestnuts appear in several other recipes, and indeed in the chocolate and chestnut cupcakes, it seemed a good idea to test it with this cake recipe. Canned chestnut puree is easy to buy, especially at this time of year.

Fat swap

I will test the recipes with Pure margarine as well as with butter, using this with each of the flour versions. As lactose intolerance is a common problem for those with gluten intolerance this is an appropriate thing to check. (I only eat a tiny amount of dairy as it does cause me trouble)

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